Free Minecraft gift code generator

Are you looking to get Minecraft for free?
For that you will need a premium account, which is gained by buying a gift code.

Instead we offer you a Minecraft gift code generator for free. 

Now you can get all the codes you desire!

Watch our video:


What is a Minecraft gift code generator?
It is a program that has been developed to crack into MC's servers and retrieve "packets", it will take a bit of time, when that is done it will compile an unused, unique gift code.

Is it safe to use?
This program connects trough our servers, before accessing their servers, therefore it is COMPLETELY safe for you to use. It will even scrape a highly anonymous proxy before doing so.
You are guaranteed safe from harm! If your worried, check how happy our other visitors is!

How do I use my gift code?
 You simply have to log in with your account username and password on Mine craft's official website, and redeem it on their page. Your account will then become a premium account that you can use to play online with.

Why is it free, what's the catch?
The program  currently cost nothing, BUT we do plan to sell it later for about $5, which STILL is a lot cheaper than from the official site.
Currently we are a new company, that is trying to establish a very high quality, popular website with lots of users.
To make this website very big, we figured it would be a good idea, to share the program at no cost to start with, in return for a like and a share on various social network sites. This will bring a lot of customers later when we decide it's time to start the sale.

We feel a bit like Robin Hood, we share the expensive game free-of-charge to the people who can't afford it, as we found a way to retrieve the codes for free.
But of course, no company can run without profit long-term, therefore get it before it's paid.

Is it virus safe?
Every time we update our Minecraft gift code generator (link to read more), we scan it with over 20 different antivirus programs.
We GUARANTEE it is safe, you can try to scan our program/website if you like (link here):

Get started downloading:

Instead of downloading a free Minecraft account (you get a premium account by clicking here: minecraft for free) you should get our generator, as it can be used on your OWN account, which means no one else ever had access to it.

We need you to complete few easy steps before you can download (if your unable to complete them, just skip them).
Please remember, we're sharing this program for free, therefore you could at least help us grow and become a bigger and more popular website, by completing these steps:
Complete these steps BEFORE going to our download page. These steps is required, but if you don't have an user for any of the social sites, feel free to skip them.
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Minecraft gift code generator
Updated new version, will be more simply and efficient than the one in the video.
(to prevent workers from Mine-craft to download our tool, decompile it and close the hole we use to gather gift codes, you're required to fill a short, free verification, to make sure your a private person).